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Qijin magnet Co. Ltd is located at Maanshan city in Anhui Province, PRC. Our company is a private factory and is well known for its advanced technological experiences and its producing equipments. Our magnetic ferrite products carry many advantages as follows: high coercive force, high electric resistance, long-time stability, and reasonable price level. The ferrite products are widely used in various fields including micro and special DC motors, loudspeakers, automatic machines, medical instruments, magnetic concentrators and strainers, and those similar instruments where the permanent magnet is needed.

Our company is now manufacturing all four major lines of magnetic ferrite products: rectangular, bonded rectangular, arc and segments, and circle. Especially among all, our rectangular magnet products used in the mineral separation and arc magnet products used in various DC motors are famous for the high quality and low price. PRC and is appointed as the only material provid... [Detailed Introduction]
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